This internship position provides a valuable opportunity to collaborate with two Ithaca College Senior Faculty Nicholas Muellner (Photography) and Catherine Taylor (Writing). Interns help plan and conduct the ITI Symposium at Ithaca College. They also serve as production assistants for the ITI Press.

Interns work closely with the Fellows in attendance at the summer symposium. The position provides experience with organizational and communicative responsibilities, creative experimentation, and collaboration. It also provides valuable experience in research, web development, and print publication from conception through editing, design, printing and distribution.

2014 Interns

Dan States has just completed his junior year at Ithaca College. He is studying Cinema & Photography (B.S.) with a concentration in Still Photography along with a Writing Minor. Dan has worked as a teaching assistant at Ithaca College in the photography department and has worked independently with professors making photographic prints and scans. In addition to photography and writing, Dan enjoys performing improv comedy, cliff jumping, and skydiving. He is also an Eagle Scout and volunteer firefighter.

Ken Robertson is a photographer, artist, and scholar interested in the relationships between technology, historiography, and aesthetics. A veteran intern, Ken has worked with Capricious Publishing, Electronic Arts Intermix, Artbook @ MoMA PS1, and Silver 68, an independent photo lab. As an avid reader and lover of heated discourse, Ken looks forward to working with the Symposium Fellows and his fellow interns.

Isadora Herold is a senior writing major with minors in music and religious studies. She will be working this summer as a Dana Intern at the Image-Text Symposium. Isadora has a passion for living and trying to understand the world around her; images and words have become an integral part of attempting to reach this understanding. Isadora is eager to begin work with the impressive junior and senior fellows alongside her fellow interns, and is grateful for the opportunity to learn from everyone at this summer’s symposium.