JAudet_PhotoJustin Audet is a photographer whose work, although drifting in character, is grounded in the relationships between animations within surroundings. His time growing up was mostly spent wandering through schools, lawns, forests, and corporate and industrial properties, public and private. He surrounds himself with books, engages in making them, and dwells in Philadelphia for the time being.


Fikes_Self-PoEdith Fikes is a photographer with training in architectural photography and a general interest in cultural geography. She has a B.A. from University of Washington-Seattle in the Comparative History of Ideas and an M.A. from Cornell University in History of Architecture and Urbanism. Areas of focus include European cultural life and contested territories in Southeast Europe.



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Marcella Green is an artist from Pennsylvania who works primarily in photography and sculpture. She earned her bachelors degrees in creative writing and sculpture from Binghamton University in 2014, and is currently studying at Massachusetts College of Art and Design to earn a Post Baccalaureate certificate in Photography. She is very excited to attend Ithaca College for her masters in Image and Text this June.




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As an installation artist, community organizer and photographer in Los Angeles, Jason Lipeles experiments with vulnerability as an intimate method to invite participants to share and experience in small-scale transformative moments.  He is looking forward to further blurring the line between his work as an organizer and artist.




meltzSebastián Meltz-Collazo is an artist who expresses and investigates using various lens-based disciplines. Through his projects, he primarily explores inhabited spaces, analyzing their auras and semiotics, as evident texts of societies. He is also interested in creating new visual experiences based on interactions between historical and personal narratives. He is based in the US and Puerto Rico.




john otoole imageJohn M. O’Toole is a photographer and bookmaker living in Brooklyn and originally from Massachusetts. He graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Photography in 2011. He has exhibited work in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Italy, England, Ireland and Finland. He is also the editor-in-chief and founder of Oranbeg Press.



nicolinaHartwick College Graduate Nicolina Schonfarber is a photo-artist and writer native to Upstate New York. Working mainly with disposable camera prints, personal conversations, and journal entries, Nicolina uses her work to explore internal human struggles.  She then weaves these individual pieces into installations or series, in order to find a greater understanding of where they fit into this world or beyond.




grantwillingGrant Willing is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He has exhibited his work at the Foam Fotografiemuseum, MoMA PS1, Higher Pictures, and Preteen Gallery, and has also self-published several books of his photographs and drawings on subjects ranging from black metal to citrus fruit.