2015 Workshop

The 2015 ITI Workshop brought together 13 fellows: Five nationally and internationally recognized practitioners – artists, writers, publishers, editors – and seven early career artists, for a collaboration at the intersection of photography and writing in contemporary art and publishing.

The 2015 Senior Fellows were: Lucas Blalock, Bruno Ceschel, Christine Hume, John Keene and Claudia Rankine.

The 2015 Junior Fellows, selected from an international call for entries, were: Ben Alper, Daniel Augschoell & Anya Jasbar, Andre Bradley, Ching-In Chen, Tonya Foster, Jen Hyde and Suzanna Zak.

All workshop participants were asked to arrive with material that they were interested in working with in that setting.  The material they brought ranged from current projects-in-progress to found material or unfinished fragments of older work.  On the first day, each participant gave a short presentation of their material as a means to introduce the group to their practice, ideas and interests.  Over the following days, working individually, in small groups, and as a decision-making collective, they developed their new projects. Following the collaborative workshops, all fellows stayed in Ithaca to participate in the ITI Symposium, where they presented these new projects which utilized various mediums including video, PowerPoint, and live performance.