Orange Blossom Trail - Forthcoming in Fall 2024

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In Orange Blossom Trail, writer George Saunders, and photographer Joshua Lutz offer an alternately poetic and searing evocation of the cruelty and tender beauty of contemporary American life. Lutz (whose photobooks, including Mind The Gap and Hesitating Beauty, have been named Best Art Books by TIME and PhotoEye) and Saunders (Man Booker Prize-winning author of Lincoln In The Bardo and MacArthur Award recipient) first met on a magazine assignment, where they discovered a shared interest in both the psychological and material conditions of the laboring individual, and in the Buddhist teachings of attachment and the sacredness of existence. Through Lutz’s recent photos, and three texts selected by Saunders from different moments in his career, the book asks, when do we zoom  in and when do we zoom out from the  individual lives whose labor supports other lives. Orange Blossom Trail is a meditation on awareness, the alienation of the industrialized landscape, and the brutality of American inequality.