2021 ITI Graduates

Karine Baptiste is a French visual artist living in Paris. A graduate of the International Center of Photography, she works with photography, text and drawings. Memory and filiation are at the core of her research, questioning familial inheritances, the idea of invisibility and the notion of language. 

Caiti Borruso is a writer and photographer from central New Jersey. Her work centers around the idea, and the absence, of proof. Borruso graduated from Pratt Institute in 2016 with a BFA in Photography and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
Eleanor Eichenbaum is a writer and educator based in Florida. She holds graduate degrees focused in Literature (University of South Florida) and in Architectural Studies (University of Texas at Austin). She works primarily in poetry informed by the visual arts.
Cable Hoover studied photography and communications at the University of New Mexico before graduating in 2004. Following graduation he worked as an intern and freelance photographer at various  publications around the southwest before settling into a staff photographer position in his hometown of Gallup, New Mexico. Cable left that staff position in 2018 to pursue more independent projects and to raise a family.
Marissa Iamartino uses photography, writing, and an exploratory practice to examine a world in perpetual flux. Her work collides at the intersection of histories: photographic, philosophic, political, personal, and the unknown. Marissa holds a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design and formerly worked in the therapeutic arts.
Will Matsuda is a photographer and writer from Portland, Oregon. His work engages with his family, labor, and the natural world. He earned a BA in Geography and Educational Studies from Macalester College in 2015, and his images and writing have appeared in The New York Times, NPR, Aperture, The Fader, and Topic. He is based in Honolulu and Portland.
Erika Morillo is a Dominican documentary photographer and artist based in New York City. The main driving force behind her work is investigating her genealogy and how family history intersects with self identity. She explore these issues through documentary and vernacular photography, writing and performance. At the core of her practice currently lies a deep interest in utilizing found photographs and archival imagery as a tool for reimagining family and female narratives. She lives in Manhattan with her son Amaru. 
Michael Popp is a photographer and visual artist based in New York. He holds a BA in the social sciences and humanities. His current work focuses on the intersection of urban and suburban public space. By recording the evidence of how these spaces are occupied, used and ignored, his work reflects on the larger implications of living, surviving and dying.
Irit Reinheimer is a filmmaker based in Philadelphia. She makes short, experimental films that examine themes of loss and inheritance through a queer lens. Influenced by an early education in sculpture, her filmmaking takes a sculptural approach. She constructs her films using her late father's 8mm home movies, incorporating rotoscoping, archival materials, and new footage.