ITI Workshop

The Workshop launched the Image Text Ithaca initiative in 2014 as a way to bring nationally and internationally recognized practitioners—artists, writers, publishers, editors, and others—together for explorations at the intersection of writing and the visual arts. Every summer, the Workshop brings together Image Text M.F.A. students, faculty, fellows, and visiting artists to Ithaca, New York, for three days of retreat, collaboration, presentation, performance, and discussion to kick off each graduate in-person summer session. 

Please visit the Image Text M.F.A. program page for more information. 


2022 ITI Workshop: Bruno Ceschel, David Hartt, Laura Letinsky, Elana Schlenker

2021 ITI Workshop: Michael Ashkin, Stephanie Barber, A. Van Jordan, John Keene, David Levine, Mariela Sancari, 

2020 ITI Workshop: Tisa Bryant, Whitney Hubbs, Lucy Ives, Diana Khoi Nguyen

2019 ITI Workshop: Rosa Alcala, Veronica Gerber-Bicecci, Manuel Marquez, Stephanie Barber, Paul Soulellis.

2018 ITI Workshop: John Keene, Nina Strand, Jason Livingston, Tisa Bryant, Carmen Winant, Luke Stettner, Stephanie Barber

2017 ITI workshop: Matthew Connors, Claudia Rankine, Lucy Ives,  Elana Schlenker, Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa.

2016 ITI workshop: C.S. Giscombe, Tony Cokes, Emily Abendroth, Anna Moshcovakis, Ed Panar, Melissa Catanese.

2015 ITI workshop: Lucas Blalock, Bruno Ceschel, Christine Hume, John Keene, Claudia Rankine, Ben Alper, Daniel Augschoell, Anya Jasbar, Andre Bradley, Ching-In Chen, Tonya Foster, Jen Hyde, Suzanna Zak.

2014 ITI workshop: Bruno Ceschel, Jason Fulford, Jen Hofer, Claudia Rankine, Hannah Whitaker, Matvei Yankelvich, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Emma Kemp, Michael David Murphy, Bobby Scheidemann, Analicia Sotelo, and Thomas Whittle.