2021 Junior Fellows

Daniel Anthony McCabe is a visual artist who writes. His work and research are concerned with the existential nature of image construction and spectatorship. For him, images and text intermingle with memory, and presence highlights the inevitable absence that is insoluble to visual culture, particularly in relation to the duration of experience across time. He interrogates the nature of the photographic image and examines the paradox of the medium: if photography can represent that which is real. Feelings of inadequacy, failure, and notions of time are threaded through his work, into a narrative that examines the relationship between desire and becoming.

Austin Bryant is a photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. He holds a BA in English from Boston College, and will be pursuing a MFA in Photography from the Hartford Art School starting this summer. His work deals with the private power of observation and is driven by intuition—whether it concerns ephemeral moments on the street, or the results of working slowly with a fixed environment. From his educational background, he also holds a special appreciation for the odd and ironic narratives that can emerge through photography.

Daniel Calderwood is a graphic designer and writer in New York. He has a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and will be an MFA candidate in poetry at Brooklyn College this fall. 

Taylor Dafoe is a photographer and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work explores the metonymic limits of photography, the history of the still life, and themes of dissociation and death. He has published critical and journalistic writing in AfterimageBOMBThe Brooklyn RailInterview, and Photograph Magazine, among other outlets, and currently works on staff at Artnet News.

Catherine Gans lives in New Orleans where she reads, writes, and arranges pictures on her floor. They are interested in how social identities rooted in the subjugation of others demand a simultaneous subjugation of self, and what becomes possible when we move with the imperative of collective liberation. She is currently working on a memoir-ish project about her family and their inheritance of whiteness as a tradition of making and keeping secrets.
Claudia Hermano is an interdisciplinary artist who tells stories about family, home, illness, race, gender, and belonging. They received a BA from Hampshire College in 2019 and will be attending the University of New Mexico this fall for an MFA in Photography. Their primary medium is photography but they use photographs, books, writing, and more to document the complex realities of existence. They are driven by the ability of art to give agency to those who cannot communicate their circumstances by other means.
Prince Lang lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio. He received an BFA from the Parsons School of Design in 2017 and a BA in Literary Studies from Eugene Lang College in 2018. He was a recipient of the Fotofest’s John Herrin Memorial Scholarship for his work untitled Master’s House. Prince values unearthing perspectives; it is important for him to perceive and apprehend the past, present, and future, specifically in matters of the black interior and exterior life. He engages in archival practices as means of preserving and interpreting history.
Ashley Markle is an artist working with photography and mixed media making work in Brooklyn, NY and Ohio. Upon receiving her Bachelor's in Digital Film from Kent State University, she moved to Brooklyn and began studying photography at the International Center of Photography where she completed the Continuing Education Track Program and the Advanced Track Program in which she received a full scholarship. Her work focuses on identity in relation to the intricacies of personal relationships as well as the impact of societal tropes on the formation of specific roles in relationships. She is interested in how her photographic tools become collaborators in her image-making process just as much as her subjects; playing with the traditional roles of author/photographer and subject. Her work has been featured in Paper Journal Magazine, Pellicola Magazine, Fotoroom, International Center of Photography, The Photographer's Eye Collective, and she is a Junior Fellow in the Image Text Ithaca initiative.

Oliver Preston is a writer based in Ithaca, NY. Among other things he is interested in Marxism, the unconscious, personhood, social practices, and sound. He received his BA in English from Yale University in 2016. His writing has appeared in Cabinet and the Paris Review Daily

Suzanne Scanlon is the author of Promising Young Women (Dorothy, 2012), a novel-in-fragments about the life of a young woman in and out of institutions, and Her 37th Year, an Index (Noemi, 2015), a fictional memoir in the form of an index, following one year in a woman’s life. Her fiction has appeared in Fence, The Iowa Review, Electric Literature, BOMB, DIAGRAM, etc. & has been anthologized in A Kind of Compass: Stories on Distance (Tramp Press, 2017) and elsewhere. She lives in Chicago and teaches at the School of the Art Institute.
Yonatan Schechner is an Israeli American photographer from Tel Aviv, Israel. His work explores the relationship between place, feeling, emotion, self identity and impermanence. Yonatan received his B.A. from Green Mountain College in 2013. He’s currently based in Vermont and Tel Aviv.