ITI Symposium

The ITI Symposia were public events featuring creative, publishing and curatorial work by an international roster of artists.  Organized around a series of presentations, readings, and conversations, the Symposium featured established and emerging practitioners working at the intersection of writing and photography, both individually and through collaborative practice. Many of the Symposium presentations featured work collaboratively produced in the ITI Workshop that preceded each Symposium.

2020 Symposium Presenters

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2020 ITI Symposium was re-imagined as a series of four intensive, experimental virtual workshops directed by writers and artists:

• Emmy Catedral: Falling Through Maps
• Whitney Hubbs: Telephone
• Lucy Ives: A Group Novel
• Diana Khoi Nguyen: Radical Empathy, A Multi-Modal Inhabitation

2017 Symposium Presenters

• Andre Bradley, photographer and writer
• Catherine Taylor, writer
• Claudia Rankine, poet
• David Senior, artbook librarian and curator
• Elana Schlenker, designer
• Lisa Pearson, publisher
• Lucy Ives, writer
• Matthew Connors, photographer
• Nicholas Muellner, photographer and writer
• Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa, photographer and writer
• Wayne Koestenbaum, writer

2015 Symposium Presenters

• Lucas Blalock, photographer
• Bruno Ceschel, publisher
• Christine Hume, poet and sound artist
• John Keene, writer
• Claudia Rankine, writer
• Ben Alper, photographer
• Daniel Augschoell & Anya Jasbar, writer/photographers and publishers
• Andre Bradley, photographer
• Ching-In Chen, writer
• Tonya Foster, writer
• Jen Hyde, writer
• Suzanna Zak, photographer• Maria Damon, critic, poet, and textile artist
• Jason Fulford, photographer and publisher
• Tamara Shopsin, designer and writer
• Matvei Yankelevich, poet and publisher
• Federica Chiocchetti, writer, editor and curator