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By Emma Kemp & Daniel Wroe, Bobby Schiedemann, Analicia Sotelo and Thomas Whittle
142 pages / 5 x 7.25 in.
Spiral bound with foil-stamped cover
Design by Elana Schlenker
Image Text Ithaca Press, 2015

Tessex? was conceived on a leopard-print bed in the former hayloft of a rural barn. Across a series of field trips, road trips and intercontinental correspondence, an imaginary nation was born. Texas and Essex are outrageous cultural territories that transgress physical borders. Tessex is the otherworld in which they meet and mate. Tessex? is the first collaborative publication of ITI Press, created by Earl Gravy (Emma Kemp and Daniel Wroe), Bobby Schiedemann, Analicia Sotelo and Thomas Whittle, with contributions from the Best Friends Learning Gang and Jodie Herbage. Tessex? is equal parts manifesto, fiction and travelogue, wrapped in a glossy tabloid package.